About Us

Casualone is a web based employment agency.  Our services will connect suitable job seekers with a range of companies looking for the right person for a job. 

For potential employees, Casualone makes looking for work easier and faster, as the job matching process will introduce only relevant jobs in locations the job seeker has nominated to work in and in the times they have requested.  The site will be especially beneficial for students who need to work but often have irregular time tables.

Using the Casualone system, employers can quickly and effectively screen job applicants as the system automatically pre-screens candidates by matching suitably qualified and work ready job seekers to the job description and requirements listed by the company.   The Job seeker’s information is also available to the employer and includes their education, work experience and skills, thus making the process of short listing or rejecting applicants highly efficient.

Casualone is an on-line system and will generally be accessible to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A potential drawback of the business model is that at very short notice, an employer could cancel the job or, the new employee could decline the work.  In order to prepare agreements that protect the rights of both parties, we are working with a legal advisor.

The Casualone website has been designed to be flexible, enabling the business to adapt to customer requirements and to future developments in the employment agency industry.